A period of time spent dancing,


To take a course in arts,


Improve yourself and enrich your life experience.



In 2010,  there was a couple dancing by the river in Los Angeles, the music was pulsating and the atmosphere was intoxioating. It was reminiscent of the love they missed in their younger days, overlooked what she need to pursue the dream. The scar on ankle proves misery can be accompanied with happiness.

 In 2011, Shenzhen  You Fu Lao Bao Dance shoes Ltd. was founded in 2011, aim to create happy memories for dancers.

 In 2012,  we registered YOVE trademark and hired shoemaker from Italy help with technical advice.


In 2016,  the first YOVE Dance Shoes on sale.

In 2017,  produced YOVE SALSA 267 types, YOVE TANGO 20 types, YOVE PROFESSIONAL LATIN 13 types