Be a PRO Latin Dancer!

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We love dancing as much as you do! But no matter how talented you are or how many hours you practice, if you don’t have the right pair of latin shoes chances are you won’t manage to stand out from the crowd!


Why choose us?

You will dance better than ever!

YOVE Shoes are super flexible, because of its specially designed sole, giving your feet even more freedom of movement while keeping the heel “locked” in place. Furthermore, they are so lightweight and comfortable due to it’s soft coating, you’ll enjoy dancing more than ever before!

You will protect your feet from jnjuries!

YOVE Shoes have such a perfect fit, you’ll feel like wearing a glove on your foot! This helps you feel better the dance floor, giving you more control of your movement, balance, spins and will significantly reduce your fear of slipping and falling. The sole, made of 100% genuine suede, gives you just the right amount of slip-and-grip on the dance floor, while allowing your foot to pivot freely, avoiding knee damage!

You will always stand out from the crowd!

We do care about your desire to be the best! We strongly believe that if you feel confident and sexy there’s no doubt you’ll conquer the dance floor! That ‘s why we create unique, beautiful latin, salsa, tango dance shoes that make you shine in every step you take!

We only use materials of exceptional such as genuine suede and silk satin. We pay attention to every single detail, that’s why our experience the difference. We guarantee!